Thank you very much guys for all the reviews. Now I know what's lacking in my ludum dare entry Komodo Kaos. These are the ratings for Komodo Kaos:

Tap to swim, be careful of boats and fish.

Available on Andorid and Web.

The Javan surili (Presbytis comata) is an endangered species of Old World monkey endemic to the western half of Java, Indonesia, a biodiversity hotspot. Other common names by which it is known by include gray, grizzled or Sunda Island surili; grizzled or stripe-crested langur; Javan grizzled langur; grizzled, Java or Javan leaf monkey; langur gris.

Help him to find food, mate, and a safe place by guiding him through his disturbed forest. Tap and hold to jump. The longer you hold the stronger the jump.

Available on Android and Web.

Guide the snowball through the maze. Avoid the wall at all cost. Swipe to control the ball.

Available on Android and Web.

Simple Shoot em up, available for android in amazon and web.